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Top 5 Most-Popular Blog Posts - December 15
Date: Dec 15th, 2014 11:52am


Jennifer Severson

Did you miss last week's most-read Changing Aging blog posts? Ecumen's online visitors found these articles most interesting:

NPR Story Highlights Ecumen Awakenings Approach to Dementia Care
Ecumen Awakenings once again received national attention for its innovative approach to dementia care. National Public Radio (NPR) aired a three-part series on the dangers of medicating elderly dementia patients with antipsychotic drugs. The third segment - titled "This Nursing Home Calms Troubling Behavior Without Risky Drugs" - focused entirely on Ecumen Awakenings as an example of a better way to care for those with Alzheimer's. Read more...

Top 10 Gifts for Seniors: Ecumen Staff Offers Advice
Because the following was one of our most popular posts last holiday season, it's here for a return engagement. We recently polled staff at several Ecumen communities for their advice on holiday gift-giving for seniors, particularly those who are in assisted living or care centers. Here are the top ten suggestions... Read more...

Ecumen Nurse Maria Reyes' Personal "Awakenings" and Triumph Over Adversity
Ecumen Quality Improvement Nurse Maria Reyes learned valuable lessons taking care of her grandmother as a young teenager in Puerto Rico - lessons that still guide her today as she teaches other professionals about honoring and empowering the seniors in their care. Read more...

Ecumen Employee Gabbi Langan: "I Love Every Single Day"
Outside the main office at Ecumen Prairie Lodge in Brooklyn Center, several people are trying to load a large television set into a small car. One of them is Gabbi Langan, who is the new manager in charge of Prairie Lodge. It's an insight into her management style. Gabbi is a hands-on problem-solver, and no problem is too big or too small. Read more...

Home for the Holidays: Red Flags That Aging Parents Need Help
It's not at all unusual for adult children to come home for the holidays and see signs their aging parents are in declining health - a messy house, unopened mail, unwashed clothes. It's also not unusual that the first response is one of panic. The Star Tribune offers some advice from experts on what to do if you see things that concern you... Read more...

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