Together we’re changing aging

Which, it turns out is pretty fun

You've cooked all your life

We think you've earned a chef


Does not include a timeline

Approaching 70? 80? 110?

We think you're just getting up to speed

Together we’re changing aging

which turns out to be pretty fun

You're the type who loves life

We're here because life loves you back

Living life to the fullest

does not include a timeline

Ecumen Update

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Welcome Home

Home is a vital connection during every stage of life. Part sanctuary, part launch pad for adventure. Ecumen is dedicated to creating home for older adults, wherever they choose to live. We envision a world in which aging is viewed and understood in radically different ways than in the past. But, more than that, we’re working to turn our vision into reality.

We’re creating places and attitudes founded on care and respect. Places that encourage both individuality and community. Places that are comfortable and where you are comfortable showing off your bowling skills, flying a kite or sharing some laughs with friends over a glass of wine.

Take a look around, contact any of our locations, schedule a tour, browse our Changing Aging Blog. We’ve created a home for you and we’re eager to show you that the next stage in life is worth looking forward to.