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Top 5 Most-Read Articles - December 1
Date: Dec 1st, 2014 11:59am


Ecumen Communications

In case you missed out, here are the articles Ecumen's online visitors found most interesting last week:

Ecumen Century Club: Angeline Lee, 108, and Eunice Anderson, 103 
Angeline Lee and Eunice Anderson, who live at Ecumen-managed Clarkfield Care Center, have a Nov. 30 birthday in common and also share extraordinary longevity. This Sunday they will be celebrating their birthdays that add up to 211 years of living. ...

Dementia-Friendly Communities Emerging in Midwest 
Around Minnesota and Wisconsin, you will be seeing more businesses posting a new window cling with a purple angel symbol and this message: "We are a Dementia Friendly Business." ...

How to Say Thank You to a Caregiver This Thanksgiving 
As if next week's national day of giving thanks weren't enough to express gratitude to those who care for relatives in need, it's also National Family Caregivers Month. ...

The Life-and-Death Experience of Ecumen Board Member Kris Linner 
"There is no way to explain that feeling of life leaving," says Rev. Kris Linner, who has spent the last 15 years doing hospice work, ministering to hundreds of people as the spirit leaves the body. How can she do this? It's a probing question she gets all the time, and this is her mystical answer...

Ecumen Blogger Jim Klobuchar: Geese Lover Strikes Out 
The season's first snowstorm set off predictable snarls of martyrdom among the early monring dirvers with whom I share the road. ...

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