The Opportunities for Long-Term Care Insurance

It is often said that insurance is sold not bought. But when it comes to long-term-care (LTC) insurance, it’s neither sold nor bought. Insurers are apparently having a tough go convincing Americans to buy insurance that could cover the costs of health expenses, home health aides, assisted-living facilities and nursing homes, among other items … . This is the intro from an interesting article by Robert Powell at fact is that the American public is just absolutely wary of long-term care insurance products. What an opportunity for insurance companies to develop new hybrid products that the next generation of seniors see value in right now. Genworth Financial really starts to hit the mark with their ‘100+ stories’ featuring centenarians who planned ahead. As the voiceover says … there’s a difference ‘between living long and living well. That’s an important point for senior housing and aging services professionals.You can read more about what Minnesota baby boomers say about long-term care insurance as they look ahead to being Minnesota seniors by reading our Age Wave Study. It’s clear to them that aging is all about living and they want the senior housing, insurance options and public policy that help them live the way they want to.