Communities Not Prepared for Aging Baby Boomers

A new study led by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging and funded by MetLife Foundation in partnership with the National Association of Counties and the National League of Cities finds that only 46% of American communities have begun planning to address the needs of the exploding population of aging baby boomers. Information gathered from local governments surveyed shows that:

  • in 1/3 of those communities older adults do not have access to a range of needed, preventative health care services;
  • more than 1/3 of communities do not have fitness programs for older adults;
  • many communities are not addressing the mobility needs of an aging population;
  • Only half the communities reported having home modification programs that adapt the existing homes of older adults to address physical limitations which would allow seniors to live in their own homes.

To see what Minnesota baby boomers are thinking about in terms of successful aging, read the Ecumen Age Wave Study.