More Changing Aging Blogs

Recently we shared top 5 web sites that are changing aging at ProBlogger. We greatly appreciate ProBlogger’s invitation to do this. But there are many more sites that are changing aging beyond the 5 we mentioned and we will continue to share many more them at this blog over time. Here are several others: The Savvy Boomer: A goal of this blog is to unravel personal technology geek speak for boomers and seniors. The Ageless Project: Think blogging is only for the young? Think again. You’ll find a variety of senior and boomer bloggers here. Ageless Marketing: Throw away the cookie cutter. This site tackles myths of marketing to an older consumer. Boomers: Opens the door to reaching a rapidly changing marketplace. Written By Brent Green, author of the book "Marketing to Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices, Predictions." Very few mainstream media tackle aging. No suprise the online community is leading the way. We’d love to hear about other blogs that are looking at aging in a whole different light?