Baby Boomers And Work

The Age Wave is coming. And according to this thought-provoking article ‘Job Crunch Ahead as Boomers Retire’ by Warren Wolfe at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota can’t afford to lose the experience. According to Wolfe:As an aging baby boom generation nears retirement, keeping more older workers in the labor force could ease a tightening supply of skilled workers, boost income tax collections, take some pressure off a shaky Social Security system, and help older people better finance their retirement.We asked baby boomers in our Age Wave Study if they were going to retire at 65. Many aren’t. Many see work as an integral part of their life, not just a paycheck.This becomes especially important for the senior housing and long-term care professions, which are projected to have huge job shortages. Our profession is going to need to find ways to keep expertise. Also, working longer gives people more options as they consider how they want to live as seniors and how they finance long-term care.The Boomer ChroniclesThe Boomer Chronicles is a blog written by a 40-something Boston-based boomer Rhea. She’s writing about boomer life while living it. She updates continually, so always fresh and interesting content.