Ecumen Century Club: Happy 100th Birthday Erma Lefebvre

Ecumen honors Erma Lefebvre, a resident of Ecumen Bethany Community, who is 100.

Ecumen honors Erma Lefebvre, who is 100.

Born: August 20, 1916, in Fletcher, Minn.

Residence: Ecumen Bethany Community, Alexandria, Minn.                           

Hobbies/Interests: Putting jigsaw puzzles together, reading letters from family members, exercising (balloon ball especially, listening and playing music, attending Rosary, and wheeling around the community, playfully teasing and joking with fellow residents and staff members.

Family: Six children and 16 grandchildren.  Married to Lou, now deceased, for 53 years.

Occupation: Farmer’s wife and a clerk at a general store.

Secret of Longevity: “Join in with everything.  Don’t miss out on anything!”

Congratulations on your 100th Birthday, Erma! Ecumen honors you.