We Could Make This a lot Simpler

The Metropolitan Agency on Aging has a very nice web site. But let’s pretend I’m seeking help at home for a senior relative and I want to keep them out of a nursing home. Look at the myriad of terms I’d have to master: elderly waiver program (called EW), alternative care grant (sometimes called AC), Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (guess what that’s sometimes called: MA-EPD, or then there’s the obvious home care program called Community Directed Community Supports (CDCS). No wonder why only 120 people are using it statewide.Couldn’t we simplify all this stuff and make it easier to help keep people living where they want to live? What about running all of these programs through Agencies on Aging rather than counties and make these agencies regional resource hubs or one-stop shops for aging resources.A big transformation opportunity for nursing homes is to become ‘the source’ for successful aging in a community. The one place you know you can turn to for wellness information, fassistance for navigating this twisted and turned system, and putting the customer in control of how they age. The nursing homes that are able to make this turn and become community resources for successful aging are going to thrive, not merely hang by their fingertips to survive.