The beauty of design increases when it and makes life easier and more enjoyable.  Kudos to new technology that through design is creating appeal across generations.  Take Amazon’s Kindle, for example.  The portable reader can appeal equally to a reader with 20/20 vision and someone who typically would rely on "big-print" books.

A limitation of big-print books, especially the hottest titles, is they can be difficult to get at the local library or purchase online.  And the largest ones can be quite heavy.  The Kindle solves those problems with adjustable print and ease of portability.  

Apple’s iPad is another tool that isn’t just built for seniors or young people.  But it’s touch screen navigation, bold graphics and light size and portability make it highly usable for multi-generations and physical abilities to read, watch movies, and do everything else one can do on a desktop or laptop.

Here’s to more technology that crosses the ages.