Evercare 100 at 100 Survey

The ‘Evercare 100 @ 100 Survey’ is a new survey of centenarians that looks at keys to successful aging. What’s particularly interesting is that a number of the people in the survey use technology, such as the internet and iPods. It again breaks down these stereotypes that seniors can’t or won’t use technology. Also when you look at how baby boomers use of technology in the Ecumen Age Wave Study it becomes abundantly clear that technology is going to be a big part of our profession. We’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg in using technology to help seniors live better and more independently. With the coming age wave, shortage in caregivers, and people’s overwhelming desire to live at home for as long as possible, we have to unleash the full potential of technology. As part of that effort, Minnesota’s Sen. Norm Coleman has launched an interesting bill that should be a broad bi-partisan effort.