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Centenarians and 20-somethings: What age gap? (Part 1)
Date: Jul 1st, 2009 8:23am


Eric Schubert

Think a 22 year old has nothing in common with a 100 year old? Think again.

Last week, Evercare of UnitedHealth released findings from its fourth annual 100@100 survey. New to the survey this year was the unique comparison of the beliefs of centenarians and college seniors. Surprisingly, the two groups were in agreement on a number of things. Concerning the economy, both overwhelmingly agree that they, and not U.S. policymakers and business leaders, are responsible for their own economic future. The majority of the centenarians (89%) and college students (93%) believe home ownership remains an essential part of the American dream. Both groups feel talking with friends and family as the best way to relieve stress. Volunteering in the community is another shared value, with a third of centenarians and half of college seniors actively involved in volunteerism. Check out this YouTube video on centenarians & college seniors volunteering.

The survey, conducted by GfK Roper in April 2009, interviewed 105 active and healthy American centenarians (age 99+ at the time of the interview) and carried out an online survey of 1,036 U.S. residents ages 20-22 who expected to graduate a four-year college or university in 2009.

Part 2 will look at the survey's surprising findings regarding technology use & pop culture among these two age cohorts. -Helen Rickman

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