With only 18 days left until spring, it is important to try and finish these last days of winter as healthy as possible. In a recent article for AARP, Julia Maranan discussed five great immune-boosting foods to help the public, especially seniors, stay healthy this winter.

1.      Lean Beef: “It's full of iron and zinc, two nutrients that help protect against infection by bacteria, viruses and parasites.”

2.      Legumes: “Like beef, beans and peas are good sources of immune-boosting iron and zinc, but they're also loaded with vitamin B6, which helps create infection-fighting white blood cells called lymphocytes.”

3.      Mushrooms: “Asian mushrooms — including shiitake and oyster mushrooms — contain beta-glucans, carbohydrates that can spur production of virus-attacking white blood cells.”

4.      Pumpkin: “This seasonal favorite is full of beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A — and that helps create white blood cells to fight infection.”

5.      Wild Salmon: “It's a fine source of vitamin D, which your immune system needs to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.”

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