The Top 10 Longevity Trends and The Extreme Future

loresjcDr. James Canton is head of the Institute for Global Futures, a California-based firm that advises business and government on the future. He’s also authored a new book called The Extreme Future, The Trends That Will Shape the Future for the Next 5, 10 and 20 Years.Here are his Top 10 Longevity Trends … do you agree with them? What else would you add? What’s interesting to Changing Aging is that Dr. Canton doesn’t talk about senior services in any of his Top 10 …our profession is going to have a huge impact on longevity in the next 5, 10, 20 years and beyond …extreme-futureThe Top 10 Longevity Trends According to Dr. James Canton1. Within 10 years, human beings living beyond 100, will be accepted reality. 2. Longevity Medicine will postpone aging and promote health, enabling people to be more active, more productive, and enjoy longer lives.3. Health-enhancement rights, fueled by the wealth of aging baby boomers and the fusion of nano, bio, IT and neuro innovations, will become a fierce social issue.4. Mapping personal DNA profiles, and linking that knowledge to prevent illness, will radically change medicine, making it boldly predictive.5. Health enhancement via biotech, stem cells, and genomic drugs will enhance human intelligence.6. Supercomputers, artificial intelligence, and advanced medical information technology will usher in a new era that will empower doctors to extend the quality of life.7. Personalized DNA diets will greatly enable longevity as people learn which foods enhance their health and prevent illness.8. Life-extension treatments, from genetic vaccines and designer DNA ‘surgery’ to smart drugs and neuro-medical devices, will augment health, improving intelligence, and maximizing beauty.9. Cognitive brain-science breakthroughs will protect the aging mind, refreshing vital memories, improving physical agility, and promoting human performance enhancement.10.The evolutionary transformation of human beings, via emerging breakthroughs in Longevity Medicine, will provide vast new choices of an astounding and alarming nature for individuals and society.