The Ecumen Lifestyle Covenant

The Ecumen Lifestyle Covenant is an agreement that we and our customers, who reside in an Ecumen assisted living or memory care community, shape together to ensure that we’re both working collaboratively to empower individual customers in living the lifestyle that person desires. We believe it is through empowerment that we honor the people we serve.

The Lifestyle Covenant begins with a series of questions that our customer and Ecumen team member discuss and explore together. The discussion guide helps us both hone in on what is most important to this person and how we can support his or her lifestyle. Types of questions include:What are your feelings about moving to an Ecumen community?

  • What are the things that bring you the most joy and happiness when you look back at the day?
    What do you feel are the characteristics of a good day?
    What are things that cause you worry, frustration or unhappiness?
    What expectations do you have in living here?
    What apprehensions might you have?
    What support services do you want or need?
    What would be helpful to you to make this home to you?
    What would be helpful to you in making this a good transition?
    When do you typically like to go to bed and wake up?
    When do you enjoy eating? What are your favorite foods?
    What people bring you the most happiness?
    What are your passions and interests?
    What are your religious or spiritual preferences?
    Are there things important to your culture that we should know?
    Are their health concerns that you have?

After our customer and we finalize The Lifestyle Covenant together, our customer and the people who will be working closely with him or her sign the following statement:

By signing this covenant, you (the customer) are making a pledge to take responsibility for your choice of lifestyle. We (the Ecumen Team Members) pledge to support your decisions and commit to providing you with the resources we have available to help you be successful and fulfilled in your new home.

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