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Nursing Assistants

Karen Sjostrom & Cindy Mostue: Dedicated CNAs with 71 Years of Combined Experience at Pelican Valley Health Center

It's National Nursing Assistant's Week and Ecumen honors its 1,800 Nursing Assistants for their dedicated care and commitment.  Here's a story about two very special ones.


On National Nursing Assistant’s Day: Meet Bev Jacobs at Ecumen Prairie Lodge and Her Chorus of Admirers

Beverly Jacobs, a Resident Assistant at Ecumen Prairie Lodge, is sitting at a table off in a corner, probably wishing she had never agreed to this interview.  She’s a person who loves giving attention to others — but not so much drawing attention to herself.

She sees a balloon volleyball game starting across the room and escapes from the table to get in the middle of it.


You’ve Got To Have Heart To Do This Job: Honoring Ecumen’s Nursing Assistants

 It’s an intensely challenging job. It’s a deeply rewarding job.  It’s an absolutely critical job that not just anyone can do.  But it does not get a lot of recognition.

The Nursing Assistants who take care of the frail elderly are a special breed who give compassionate care all day long to people who are at their most vulnerable.