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Ecumen Prairie Lodge

Live 2 B Healthy: Custom-Made, Home-Delivered Fitness for Seniors

Greg Springman, certified personal trainer, is greeting everyone by name as he watches his class assemble in a circle, some in wheelchairs or using walkers. They seem eager to be here, except Joe.

“Let’s go, Joe.  Get over here,” Greg coaxes.

“I’m a farm boy,” says Joe. “I don’t have to do this kind of stuff.”


On National Nursing Assistant’s Day: Meet Bev Jacobs at Ecumen Prairie Lodge and Her Chorus of Admirers

Beverly Jacobs, a Resident Assistant at Ecumen Prairie Lodge, is sitting at a table off in a corner, probably wishing she had never agreed to this interview.  She’s a person who loves giving attention to others — but not so much drawing attention to herself.

She sees a balloon volleyball game starting across the room and escapes from the table to get in the middle of it.