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Ecumen Lakeview Commons

Ecumen Lakeview Commons Residents Treated to a Valentine's Day Surprise

 Residents of Ecumen Lakeview Commons in Maplewood, Minn., were targeted for a creative act of kindness on Valentine’s Day by children in the “Day 11” movement, who showed up smiles, candy and handmade Valentine cards with a “Love is:______” theme.

Thank you to Alyssa, DJ, Kenzie, Catie, Kaden and Kale for handing out Valentine's cards and sharing your love and bright spirits with our residents on behalf of The Day 11 Project.


An Unshaggy Dog Story Unfolds at Ecumen Lakeview Commons

Furless Fred Ecumen Lakeview Commons

Fred had hit bottom.  He was homeless and malnourished, living in a godforsaken shelter somewhere in Arkansas.  His body was covered in sores, and his teeth were falling out.  But even in this depth of despair, there was something about his spirit.

You could look through his eyes right into his beautiful soul.  And that’s what saved his life. A stranger saw who he was on the inside and rescued him from certain death.