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Ecumen Detroit Lakes

Fifty Years of Transformation at Ecumen Detroit Lakes

 The 50-year history of Ecumen Detroit Lakes is a compelling story of transformation from nursing home to state-of-the-art community health care hub.  Detroit Lakes Online tells the story of how in 1964 a community in dire need of a long-term care center pulled together, going door-to-door to raise the money.  Now, a half century later, Ecumen Detroit Lakes is evolving into a national model for rural healthcare delivery.  On June 20, Detroit Lakes will celebrate this story of civic involvement as it prepares for the next 50 years with the opening of the new Ecumen care center this fall.


Ecumen Detroit Lakes Receives Grant to Advance Its Dementia-Friendly Work

Ecumen Detroit Lakes is among 12 Minnesota organizations receiving grants through ACT on Alzheimer’s to help create more dementia-friendly communities.

ACT on Alzheimer’s is a volunteer-driven, statewide collaboration preparing Minnesota for the personal, social and budgetary impacts of Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates there are 88,000 Minnesotans age 65 and older with the disease and many thousands more with other dementias.


Ecumen Detroit Lakes Cited by Gov. Dayton for Its Worksite Wellness Program

Ecumen Detroit Lakes recently was recognized as one of the initial participants in the Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) Year of Worksite Wellness program.

At a recent kickoff event, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton issued a proclamation declaring 2014 as the “Year of Worksite Wellness” and mention Ecumen Detroit Lakes among a group of model employers already actively engaged in creating healthy workplaces.  Among others called out for special mention were LifeTime Fitness, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and The Schwan Food Company.


Ecumen Detroit Lakes Fundraising Effort Leads To $50,000 Otto Bremer Foundation Matching Grant for New Short-Stay Rehab

Ecumen Detroit Lakes, now undergoing a major remodeling and expansion, recently celebrated receiving a $50,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation to match the more than $50,000 it raised in the local community.


An Ecumen Consultant’s Quest To Make Sense of Dementia

Tom Stober, an expert on process and efficiency, was routinely going about his work one day when he walked into a room and came face-to-face with something that “shook me to the core.”  It was not logical.  It was not rational.  The normal rules of organization did not apply.  On some deep level, it rocked his orderly world.

It was a memory care community, where residents with dementia live.