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Ecumen Bethany Community

Ecumen Bethany Community To Receive Top Business Award

For its impact on the Alexandria, Minn., area, the Ecumen Bethany Community will receive the 2014 Business and Industrial Appreciation Day (BIAD) Award from the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission and Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. See the Echo Press’s story: Ecumen Bethany Receives 2014 BIAD Award


Changing Aging Video: Ashley, LPN at Ecumen Bethany Community

"It's a good variety. A lot of people think nursing can be the same thing every day when you work in a nursing home. But it's completely different. You have different challenges every day and you definately need to stay on the ball. It's just great - I love it!"


Ecumen Bethany Awards Scholarships for Long-Term Care Education

Seven staff members at Ecumen Bethany Community in Alexandria, Minn., received spring semester scholarships totaling almost $7,000 to continue their educational goals in the long-term care career field.  An Alexandria Echo Press story highlights the program.


Ecumen Bethany Community’s Rehabilitation and Outpatient Therapy Gets Chuck Back in the Boat

Chuck woke up one morning paralyzed by a rare nervous system disorder that required long hospitalization, followed by in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation at Ecumen Bethany Community in Alexandria, Minn. Chuck recalls how Ecumen therapy staff supportively pushed him toward his goal of being able to climb into a boat and go fishing.  “If the staff wasn’t so good,” he says, “the result wouldn’t be so good.”

Chuck tells his story in the video below: 



How Carl the Big Friendly Puppy "Saved" an Ecumen Bethany Resident

KSTP-TV reporter Jason Davis tells the heartwarming story of how Carl, a 70-pound St. Bernard puppy, walked into the apartment of Gail Furos, a resident of Ecumen Bethany Community in Alexandria, Minn., and profoundly changed her life-- just when she needed it most.  You can see the video here.