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Ecumen Proud to Help Minnesota Rank #1 In Country in Senior Health Study By United Health Foundation

Ecumen professionals in home care, assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation services and care centers have helped Minnesota rank #1 in U.S. senior health.


Ecumen Gifts Officer Shares Advice with Bethel University for Pursuing Career in Non-Profit Sector

What are the benefits of working in the nonprofit sector? Does working at a nonprofit mean you have to starve?  A Bethel Univesrity professor recently sought the perspective of Ecumen gifts officer Amy Williams and others on pursuing a rewarding career in the nonprofit world.  You can read the full blog post here.  If you work in the sector, why do you do it?  Other advice you'd share?


Jim Klobuchar - A Senior Shopper Collides with the Digital Age

It seemed harmless enough, this pre-Christmas proposition I made to my wife. “Give me clues,” I said. “I want to choose a present for you that will make sense and which you heartily deserve. I need enough options to give me cover so I can create some suspense for you when we unwrap our toys.” My wife adopted a stance of sweet coyness, which I could have predicted. At all costs, she said, I shouldn’t be throwing money away and it was the gesture, the love after all, that counted most. “But how sweet of you,” she said.