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Great Minds Gala Video: Ashley and Shannon Campbell Perform Tribute to their Father

Ashley and Shannon Campbell, children of legendary country music singer Glen Campbell, gave a stunning performance to cap last night's Great Minds Gala in Washington, D.C. Campbell was honored at the Gala for his and his family's efforts toward continued research, education and support for those living with Alzheimers. Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2011, after which he and his family decided to launch a Glen Campbell goodbye tour, giving him a chance to connect with family, friends and fans through music.


Reassuring Study: “Senior Moments” Don’t Mean Dementia for Most People

A new German study suggests that memory lapses associated with aging may not lead to dementia for a majority of people.  Only about 20 percent of those in the study who had “senior moments” developed Alzheimer’s or other serious brain-related disorders.  HealthDay reports on the study, which also shows that over time 42 percent of participants with mild cognitive impairment actually returned to normal mental functioning.


A Must-Read: Washington Post Brings Caregiving Crisis Front and Center

If you’re not already a caregiver to a loved one, chances are high you will be one day.  The constellation of issues you are, or will be, facing are daunting.  And even if you’re never in this role, the looming crisis is sure to have major societal effects that will impact everyone. 


This Painfully Realistic Dementia Simulation Lets You Feel What It’s Like

A newly patented program lets caregivers experience firsthand what it’s like to have dementia. Watch how this Virtual Dementia Tour quickly builds empathy by vividly simulating the deep sense of confusion associated with dementia.  ABC News reporter Cynthia MacFadden tells about the “12 minutes that changed by life.”


At Ecumen Lakeshore Music Accompanies Memory Care to Keep the Past Alive for Those With Dementia

The ability of music to unlock memories for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is well documented. The memory care program at Ecumen Lakeshore in Duluth uses music therapy to reconnect residents to their past and to lift their spirits. Reporter Jennifer Austin of the Northland’s Newscenter (KBJR) in Duluth visited a therapy session and offers the video report posted here showing how Ecumen’s Rita Walker and Melanie Smith use music to help residents remember.


Annual Conference for People With Dementia and Their Caregivers Set for March 1

 The annual “Meeting of the Minds Dementia Conference” will be held March 1, 2014 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Saint Paul River Center to inform and support people with dementia along with their family and friends and professional caregivers.


A Super Bowl Star’s On-Going Contest with Dementia

 As Super Bowl Week builds with excitement, Dallas Cowboys legend Rayfield Wright goes about his life in a fog of dementia.  He played in five Super Bowls, helped win two, and even 35 years after retirement is still considered one of the best offensive linemen who ever played the game.  But now he is broke— physically, mentally and financially.


Watch Astonishing Evidence of What Music Can Do for Alzheimer’s Patients

Henry, an advanced Alzheimer’s patient who barely speaks, literally comes to life in this video clip dramatically documenting how music can bring back memories and engagement.  The clip is excerpted from “Alive Inside,” a documentary film that recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.  It’s uplifting, touching and hopeful.


An Ecumen Consultant’s Quest To Make Sense of Dementia

Tom Stober, an expert on process and efficiency, was routinely going about his work one day when he walked into a room and came face-to-face with something that “shook me to the core.”  It was not logical.  It was not rational.  The normal rules of organization did not apply.  On some deep level, it rocked his orderly world.

It was a memory care community, where residents with dementia live.