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Ecumen Lakeshore Hosts “Longest Day” Sunrise-to-Sunset Event Honoring Those with Alzheimer’s

Today Ecumen Lakeshore is participating in The Longest Day team event to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer's Association® and welcoming the Duluth-area community to join its team.


Common Drugs Proving Harmful to Aging Brains

Common drugs, like sedating antihistamines such as Benadryl, are proving to be especially toxic to the aging brain.  Recent research has linked several widely used drugs to lowering brain function and contributing to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Called “anticholinergic” drugs, they lower neurotransmitters and cause sedation.  These drugs are in many allergy medications, painkillers, bladder control drugs and muscle relaxants, and some are widely available over-the-counter.


Last Week's Top 5 Blog Posts - August 18

In case you missed out on the latest Changing Aging news, here are the blog posts our online visitors found most interesting last week - including: Dementia Care: It Doesn't Have To Be This Way, How I'm Preparing to Get Alzheimer's, Enjoying Art in Duluth, Oh That Beautiful Doll and more. Click here to read these great stories:

Dr. John Brose on Dementia Care: It Doesn't Have to be this Way


TED Talk Video: How I'm Preparing to Get Alzheimer's

Many children and grandchildren of those who have lived with Alzheimer's have uncertain feelings around their own future health. Watch this enlightening video by global health and development specialist Alanna Shaikh - whose father has Alzheimer's - on her approach to a future that may include Alzheimer's. Shaikh presented "How I'm Preparing to Get Alzheimer's" at TEDGlobal 2012.