Questions to Ask When Comparing Assisted Living Communities

Following are key questions we encourage you to answer to help you evaluate and choose an assisted living community that provides a good fit for you.

At A Glance

  • Is the assisted living community attractive and inviting?
  • Is it conveniently located within a safe area?
  • Can family and friends get there easily?
  • Is it close to shopping, or other local amenities?
  • Do the employees and residents appear happy and engaged?
  • Is there parking for my car?


  • Does the site make it easy for me to talk with/interview other residents to get their insights on living there?
  • How does this community empower its residents?
  • Does this community have an online presence and does it provide internet access?
  • What fitness and learning opportunities are here?
  • Will the spiritual services offered meet my needs?
  • Can I spend a day here observing to see what life is like?
  • Can I see myself enjoying living here and doing the things that I enjoy most?
  • Are dining areas convenient to the living spaces?
  • Are there choices for dining times and menu items?
  • What are examples of planned activities and do they change depending on individual interests?
  • What transportation is available?
  • Can I see your rule book?
  • What are my options for supportive and care services?


  • Is the staff accommodating and friendly?
  • Can I talk with them one-on-one to learn more about their views on the community?
  • Are they readily available or on-call to assist?
  • What type of training do the staff members receive?
  • Is there a nurse on staff? What are the nurse’s hours and responsibilities?
  • Will the staff members assist to coordinate medical or other appointments?
  • What types of services are outside of the staff’s work scope?


  • Who decides when to call 911? Are there written policies about how that decision is made?
  • What kind of emergencies are the staff expected to handle and how are they trained for them?
  • Is there an emergency call system in the building?


  • Is this site easy to navigate?
  • Is it well-lit, comfortable and clean?
  • Are common areas easily accessible from the residential apartments/ suites?
  • If more than one level, are there elevators?
  • What types of amenities are available (i.e. media center, beauty/barber salon, library, exercise equipment, computer, convenience shop, deli, etc.).
  • Can you decorate your home the way you want (i.e. paint colors, window treatments, etc.)?
  • What is the choice of floor plans?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is there adequate privacy and quiet?

Supportive Services and Care

  • What is the assessment process?
  • How do you get to know me as a person and support the lifestyle I desire?
  • What services are provided in the monthly rent?
  • What additional services are available for changing physical needs?
  • Are these services offered within packages or on a fee-for-service basis?
  • What are physical conditions that might require a resident to move to another location?


  • How much could my costs increase if I need more services?
  • If I can’t pay my rent, will I have to move?