What is The Changing Aging Blog?

Posted by Eric Schubert, Ecumen, Director of CommunicationsHopefully, The Changing Aging Blog is a lot of fun and a place that people finding interesting, learn new stuff and meet others who are working to change aging for the better. So who is Ecumen? Well, we are Minnesota’s largest non-profit senior housing and services company. We own senior housing, manage it for others and develop it. We’re also working very hard to invent and develop products and services that promote vital, successful aging. We’re not alone. And that’s where this blog comes in. We’re going to use this spot to share ideas, connect to interesting articles, post opinions, ask questions, and share things that are interesting around the subject of aging, especially aging vitally, which should be an opportunity for all of us as human beings.Aging is fascinating because we all do it. And now with the aging baby boomer population, we’re going to have more people than ever before doing it. It used to be that you retired and then you died a few years later. Social Security was built on the expectancy that you’d only collect its dollars for a few years. Now people are hitting their mid 60s and just starting to hit their stride. That creates a whole new ballgame in so many ways from public policy, to housing, to community development to technology to media to just about everything. We have many days ahead of us and we look forward to being an arena where you can visit and find and share information from the brave new world of aging.