A Veterans Day Message From Ecumen CEO Kathryn Roberts

Millions of American military veterans have honored us with their service.  Today, we set aside a special day to honor them and thank them for all they have done.

At Ecumen we care for many veterans and their loved ones, and we know firsthand the sacrifices they have made for all of us.   Our promise is to honor them every day, but on this day of tribute, please say a special “thank you.”  One way you can do that is to go to your Ecumen community’s Facebook page and share a thank-you or tribute.

Today at the Minnesota History Center, Ecumen will be hosting a program and luncheon to honor members of the “Greatest Generation.”  Ecumen blogger Jim Klobuchar and his daughter U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar will provide keynotes.  Highlights will be tweeted during the event, and we’ll post more information online afterward.

The Greatest Generation is one in which almost everyone played a part in service to our country, either on the battlefronts of World War II or in support of the war effort at home.  Then after the war, they focused on building the world’s strongest, most prosperous nation that we all benefit from today.

We can all learn something about honor and dignity from this Greatest Generation, who sacrificed so much to ensure that we who followed could be safe, free and successful.  At Ecumen, we have gotten to know them well, since most of our residents are members of the Greatest Generation.  We know what they are made of, and we are honored to now serve them, who served us so unselfishly.

Today, we thank all veterans everywhere for their service—an act of generosity that we can never repay.  And a special thanks to all our residents and employees who are veterans, and their loved ones who are in active duty.  We honor you today, and every day.  Thank you so very much for all you did and do for us.