The New York Times is doing some of the best, freshest writing on aging.  In a column today, physician Dr. Marc E. Agronin explores how often we make the wrong assumptions about old age. He share a story of an older woman in a nursing home. He expected her to be grieving for her late husband, but instead found she had thrown herself into new activities and relationships.  I know that’s not surprising to many who read this blog, but it highlights how our impressions of old age can be mistaken from time to time.

“So what’s it really like to be old?” I often ask my patients, who are mostly in their late 80s and 90s, and the responses are unexpected. “I forgot I was so old,” a 100-year-old patient recently told me, and then excused herself to make it to bingo on time.

Read Dr. Agronin’s full post here.  Also, read 50 Tips on Aging Gracefully courtesy of Ecumen customers and team members.