The University of Minnesota’s School of Nursing is seeking Twin Cities volunteers with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease to participate in a study on the the impact of aerobic exercise on people with Alzheimer’s. 

This is a great opportunity for a person with Alzheimer’s who is looking for a way to safely increase their activity level. The researchers are trying to learn regular aerobic exercise training can slow down the progression of dementia and improve cognitive function.

– A fitness trainer will train the person to cycle on a stationary cycle 3 times a week for 6-months. The
trainer will monitor the person’s responses to exercise. If the person cannot cycle, other exercise will be used.

– The participant will receive a gym membership and compensation.

– The U of M will provide transporation to and from the exercise facility, so the U is looking for people in a 20-mile radius of the U of M.

Dr. Fang Yu at 612-624-5435
Christine Peterson at 612-626-9669