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Unique High School Program Helps Students Become Nursing Assistants
Date: Jan 5th, 2017 9:04am


Ecumen Communications

A high school in Alexandria, Minn., has developed a unique program that allows students to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and help fill a pressing need for senior care workers.

Partially funded by Ecumen Bethany Community in Alexandria, the program allows high school students to get college credit and CNA certification at no cost to them.

A recent story in the Alexandria Echo Press profiles the program.

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I started one here in Austin

I started one here in Austin through the high school 15 yrs ago or so. The students came to the college so we could use the labs. It didn't cost the students anything. The first groups were interested in medical careers. Many were honor students. After several groups the quality fell as it brought in students who thought these were easy credits and didn't want to work. It is not easy and is a wonderful way to get students who are interested in nursing or other medical professions to see if they like it. It also prepares some for a life long vocation. Facilities were happy and so were the students. I went back into nursing program and the high school suspended it. Good luck!