The Top 5 Websites that are Changing Aging

Readers of Ecumen’s Changing Aging blog agree that vital, successful aging means that aging is about living. Through this forum, as the name states, we are Changing Aging, or more specifically, the traditional views on aging.But we’re certainly not alone in our efforts. Below, find the Top 5 web sites, compiled by Ecumen, that are putting aging in a whole new light:1. Civic Ventures: A think tank and an incubator, Civic Ventures generates ideas and invents programs to help society achieve the greatest return on experience. It sponsors the Purpose Prize.2. The Vital Aging Network: This site focuses on individuals who are sharing their strengths to promote and support the self-sufficiency, community participation, and quality of life of older adults.3. AgingTech: Like Ecumen, this site is dedicated to new technology that is helping seniors live where they want to live, how they want to live.4. The Zimmers: Awesome video, here that puts aging in a whole new light! 40 Britains in their 80s and 90s… ‘Talkin About My Generation’.5. Eons: Think of it as a MySpace for global citizens 50+.Know of any other great sites? Leave a comment below and we’ll do another post like this soon!