Top 5 Blog Posts — March 23

Did you miss last week's most-read Changing Aging blog posts? Ecumen's online visitors found these articles most interesting:

New Study Finds a Threat to Longevity Just as Powerful as Obesity
Most people know that strong social relationships contribute mightily to good health and longer life. But researchers at Brigham Young University were surprised to find that loneliness and social isolation are just as much a threat to longevity as obesity. 

Ecumen-Managed ‘The Classic at Hillcrest Greens’ in Altoona, Wisc., To Open in Early July  
Construction of The Classic at Hillcrest Greens in Altoona, Wisc., is well underway, and the new senior living community managed by Ecumen plans to open in early July. The new community, located at 2455 Sawgrass Place in Altoona, includes 99 rental apartments for people 62 and older — 63 designated for independent or assisted living residents and 36 for memory care residents.

Ecumen’s Abiitan Mill City Project Building Momentum
Ecumen’s new Abiitan Mill City development planned for downtown Minneapolis is gaining momentum as potential residents are making priority commitments and final city approval is pending in two weeks.

Common Drugs Proving Harmful to Aging Brains
Common drugs, like sedating antihistamines such as Benadryl, are proving to be especially toxic to the aging brain.  Recent research has linked several widely used drugs to lowering brain function and contributing to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

This Painfully Realistic Dementia Simulation Lets You Feel What It’s Like
A recently patented program lets caregivers experience firsthand what it’s like to have dementia. Watch how this Virtual Dementia Tour quickly builds empathy by vividly simulating the deep sense of confusion associated with dementia.  ABC News reporter Cynthia MacFadden tells about the “12 minutes that changed by life.”

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