Top 5 Blog Posts — March 16

Did you miss last week's most-read Changing Aging blog posts? Ecumen's online visitors found these articles most interesting:

Common Drugs Proving Harmful to Aging Brains
Common drugs, like sedating antihistamines such as Benadryl, are proving to be especially toxic to the aging brain.  Recent research has linked several widely used drugs to lowering brain function and contributing to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

A Housekeeper at Ecumen North Branch Helps Rebuild a Remote Philippines Village
Halfway around the world in the tiny tropical Philippine barrio of Navitas on the island of Panay live about 150 elderly poor who have an angel looking out for them in North Branch, Minn.  Her name is Luz Pedersen, who works as a housekeeper at Ecumen North Branch. 

Photographic Evidence: Age Doesn’t Have To Slow You Down
The stereotype that growing old means slowing down gets a strong rebuttal from a Russian photographer who has recorded the exploits of seniors accomplishing amazing feats. 

Thank You, Chuck Zimmerman, For Changing Aging
After more than 35 years at Ecumen, Chuck Zimmerman retired last week.  He has been a leader in changing aging, presiding over countless transformations in senior care as an administrator at three of Ecumen’s largest campuses, a regional operations director for 15 years and most recently the head of the purchasing department. 

Ecumen-Managed ‘The Classic at Hillcrest Greens’ in Altoona, Wisc., To Open in Early July   
Construction of The Classic at Hillcrest Greens in Altoona, Wisc., is well underway, and the new senior living community managed by Ecumen plans to open in early July. The new community, located at 2455 Sawgrass Place in Altoona, includes 99 rental apartments for people 62 and older — 63 designated for independent or assisted living residents and 36 for memory care residents. 

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