Top 5 Blog Posts — Jan. 16, 2017

Did you miss last week's most-read Changing Aging blog posts? Ecumen's online visitors found these articles most interesting:

In Loving Memory of Peter Hilleboe: A Tall Man Whose Legacy Made Life Better for Others
A heartwarming story of how the need of one resident at Ecumen Detroit Lakes made life better for many other residents.

Senior Health: The Paw-sitive Effects of Pets
A recent study done by the National Center for Health Research found that pets improved the health of their owners “by lowering blood pressure and regulating the heart rate during stressful situations.” When it comes to senior health, the companionship that a pet brings can have not only physical, but also psychological benefits.

Unique High School Program Helps Students Become Nursing Assistants
A high school in Alexandria, Minn., has developed a unique program that allows students to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and help fill a pressing need for senior care workers.

Ecumen-Managed Rose Senior Living Avon Now Open
Ecumen-managed Rose Senior Living Avon, a new senior living community adjacent to the Richard E. Jacobs Health Campus in Avon, Ohio, is now open, and residents have begun moving into their apartments located at 33200 Health Campus Blvd. 

How to Start Exercising After Age 60
As we age, it becomes even more important to maintain an exercise routine. According to an article from the Cleveland Clinic, “if you’re pushing 60 or you’ve already passed that milestone, it’s time to get serious about making exercise a staple in your daily routine.”

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