Thank You, Herb!

Minnesota lost a wonderful person, broadcasting legend, and a great role model for successful aging when Minnesota Twins announcer Herb Carneal passed away at his home on April 1st.We were very fortunate at Ecumen to have worked with Herb. Two years ago we worked with the Twins on a bobblehead partnership that celebrated the 1965 World Series team. As part of that partnership Herb, Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva shared their perspectives on aging in this series of interviews. Herb lived the life he desired, surrounded by people he loved and who loved him, and doing what he enjoyed most. He was a role model for all of us.According to Dave Campbell of the Associated Press, Garrison Keillor, another radio man whose voice made him a Minnesota icon, once wrote a tune for one of his Prairie Home Companion shows that was titled ‘Porch Song.’ In that whimsy, folksy tribute to summer’s simple pleasures, Keillor included this stanza:Just give me two pillows and a bottle of beer. And the Twins game on radio next to my ear. Some hark to the sound of the loon or the teal. But I love the voice of Herb Carneal.’To hear the one-of-a-kind voice that generations of Minnesotans grew up with, visit the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting, which features clips from his 50th Anniversary in Major League Baseball.