Duluth Sports Legend and Ecumen Lakeshore Resident ‘Soup’ Stromme Honored in Duluth News Tribune Article

Graydon “Soup” Stromme, 91, legendary manager of the Duluth-Superior Dukes minor league baseball team, made a nostalgic return to recently renovated Wade Stadium last week.

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Star Tribune: Innovative Project Combines Senior and Low-Income Rental Housing in the Mill District

Star Tribune real estate reporter Jim Buchta highlights the start of Ecumen’s Abiitan Mill City project in Downtown Minneapolis.

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6 Things Caregivers Must Do While There's Still Time

Rather than fear elder care, get ready for it.  Preparing ahead of time eases the strain, says longtime elder law attorney Stuart Furman, writing for Next Avenue.  He offers six suggestions to help prepare for some of the most common stressful situations that can occur during elder care.  For more in-depth information, see Furman’s The ElderCare Ready Book

Aging and Financial Decline: Warning Signs and What To Do

Here's some expert advice on how to deal with financial problems among seniors.

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Caring.com: Managing Mom's Budget? An 8-Step Plan to Cover Your Bases

Managing a parent's finances can be complex and at times overwhelming. Caring.com's Senior Editor Melanie Haiken shares her eight-step plan that provides logical guidance in, "Managing Your Parents' Finances: Managing Mom's Budget? An 8-Step Plan to Cover Your Bases."

Here's an excerpt from the story:

Managing your own money isn't easy under the best of circumstances, so it's not surprising that most people feel overwhelmed when it's time to step in and take over the management of their parents' finances. But as is the case with any large project, what feels impossibly complex taken as a whole becomes much more manageable when broken into parts. So, let's start at the beginning, and separate the process of managing your parents' finances into sequential steps. Done this way, all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, and you're on your way.

1. Locate All Accounts and Documents
Your first responsibility as your parents' financial manager is to do some sleuthing. If your parents are competent to discuss their finances, get a head start by asking them these five basic questions about their finances. Then start going through files -- you want a clear picture of every asset they have. Start with savings and checking accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts, and pensions. But that's just the beginning..."

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WCCO: At 108, Dedicated Twins Fan is Young at Heart

Clarkfield Care Center resident takes title as oldest Minnesota Twins fan.

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Popsugar.com: 25 Life Lessons Written by a 99-Year-Old Man

Grandpa Cheese has taught me a lot about life. I could think of no better person to give the world a few life lessons than him. Here's what he has learned in his 99 years.

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USA Today: Retirement: Boomers Want to Keep Working-If They Can

Article by Rodney Brooks, USA Today, February 17, 2015

George Fraser has had a hugely successful life. At 70, the former corporate executive is a successful author and speaker, traveling 200 days out of the year and logging 250,000 air miles. And he has absolutely no intention of retiring.

"I decided in my early 60s that I would never retire," he said. "Why? Because I love my work. I love what I'm doing. I love it so much that anything else is a distraction, including a vacation. It frustrates my wife of 42 years. After two or three days on a beach in Mexico, I'm bored."

Baby Boomers continue to shatter stereotypes. Many work well into traditional retirement age. And financial advisers and counselors are encouraging them.

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The Dallas Morning News: The Toll Alzheimer's Disease Has Taken on the Rhinestone Cowboy

Article by Pamela Yip, The Dallas Morning News

Alzheimer’s disease plays no favorites.

It’s the Great Equalizer.

Just ask Kim Campbell, wife of singer Glen Campbell, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2011 and now lives in a memory care community in Nashville.

“Physically, he’s really strong and healthy, but cognitively, he’s not doing so well,” the 56-year-old Kim said in an interview. “He’s in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. He’s lost his ability to communicate. He doesn’t understand anything anyone is saying to him, but he understands the universal languages of smiles and hugs and sometimes music.”

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Ecumen Detroit Lakes Opens Its New Rehab Unit

A new state-of-the-art rehabilitation therapy unit opens at Ecumen Detroit Lakes. 

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