Tell Us About Your Technology Use

Link-age Connect, one of Ecumen’s partners in understanding the needs of an aging population, would like your help... 

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Ecumen Century Club: Happy 102nd Birthday Christina (Tina) Gray

Ecumen honors Christina (Tina) Gray, a resident of Ecumen Pathstone Living, who is 102.

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7 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

With the winter months hitting full-force in the Midwest, taking extra caution is important for all ages- especially for seniors. Here are's tips for ensuring safety for seniors this winter.

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Ecumen Century Club: Happy 102nd Birthday Frieda Westphal

Ecumen honors Frieda Westphal, a resident of Ecumen Pathstone Living, who is 102.

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Ecumen Pathstone Living Residents Vote on 100 Potential Menu Items

Darcy Stueber, the Dining Director at Ecumen Pathstone Living in Mankato, is always looking for ways to refresh the menu at the senior living community.  But outright experimentation is risky. So she decided to organize a “dining fair” and let residents sample some new food products. 

Last Wednesday, 11 local food brokers brought their offerings to the community.  Residents had a chance to try 100 products and vote them up or down.

The fair was a big hit — as the smiles in the accompanying photos show.  Darcy is still going through the comment cards, but there are some clear winners: cranberry wild rice bread, a new Swedish meatball offering, a new beer battered shrimp product and a flavored water with nutrients.

Darcy was especially happy to see that the blueberry filled pancake was popular.  “Breakfast is the hardest meal to re-create,” she says. “There are only so many ways to make eggs.”

Putting on the fair and serving regular meals was quite a challenge, Darcy says, because the dining staff had to do their regular jobs, while sharing the kitchen space with the vendors who were cooking as well. 

“But we all shared and made room,” she says.  “My staff is fantastic.”

Routinely, Darcy meets with her Dining Task Force — an advisory group of residents who help with menu planning.  The fall/winter menu is now in the works.

“We incorporate seasonal items to keep it interesting and switch things up,” she says.  This summer, corn on the cob was a menu favorite. And this fall, a few of the winners from the dining fair will likely make the grade.  

Ecumen Century Club: Happy 103rd Birthday Mildred Nelson

​Ecumen honors Mildred “Millie” Nelson, a resident of Ecumen Pathstone Living, who is 103.

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Ecumen Century Club: Happy 102nd Birthday Lillian Timm

Ecumen honors Lillian Timm, a resident of Ecumen Pathstone Living in Mankato, who is 102.

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Kelly and Shelby: A Transcendent Friendship at Ecumen Pathstone Living

Despite the almost 60 years difference in their ages, Kelly and Shelby are kindred spirits with a connection that neither can quite explain.

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Residents at Ecumen Pathstone Living Find Their Inner Writer

With a little encouragement, a group of residents at Ecumen Pathstone Living have put their memories on paper and amazed their instructors with the beauty of their writing.

The residents are participating in a writing workshop partnership between Pathstone and Minnesota State University’s Good Thunder Reading Series. 

In today’s Mankato Free Press, Feature Editor Robb Murray writes about the program and the people who have reached deep inside themselves to find and share what matters most to them.



Ecumen Century Club: Happy 101st Birthday Bernice Peterson

Ecumen honors Bernice Peterson, a resident of Ecumen Pathstone Living,who is 101.

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