Senior Housing Development in North Branch

Would you want to live in a place called Green Acres Country Care Center?That is what the county nursing home in North Branch, Minnesota was called. Thankfully, the building that looks like a cold war relic will soon be bulldozed. And North Branch seniors will have a brand new housing option.We have embarked on developing The Villages of North Branch, which will include several small neighborhoods. They will include assisted living, memory care, rehab and an area for nursing care that will be much smaller than yesterday’s institutional nursing home. The four key areas in the community are connected by a town center that will be a central gathering area. It will have a coffee shop, and gathering areas for Rotary, chapel services and exercise classes. The Villages of North Branch will open in July and will be a vibrant community within a community.The Old North Branch Nursing Home Entrance — Total 1950s Not long ago there were … Ugh… four people to a room, Never again.Gloomy, cramped, loud hallwaysBelow are some photos from The Villages of North Branch, the senior housing development that will replace Green Acres and open in July: A Whole Different Ballgame!