New Long-Term Care Savings Products Needed

Posted by Kathryn Roberts, CEO and President, Ecumen Last week Neal St. Anthony of the Minneapolis Star Tribune did a great story on boomers planning for retirement. He used information from the Ecumen Age Wave Study.What I hope that people took away from that is that we need new savings products that our future seniors see value in to purchase today to help them pay for senior care if they should need it. For most people, the current long-term care insurance product isn’t it. Most baby boomers find long-term care insurance difficult to understand. And baby boomers see it as a product they won’t need for years, so they don’t even consider it today.I’m a big advocate for hybrid products, as Donna O’Rourke discusses in her story ‘Hybrid Long-Term Care Might Be Right For You.’ on TheStreet.Com. As she points out there are few of those products out there today. Message to financial companies, insurance companies and state insurance commissioners … Boomers want these products. We have to change how people pay for their care, so that people can have the retirement they have worked for and that we can preserve dollars to pay for dignified, high-quality care for those people who cannot afford it. Retirement planning can’t end with the mortgage and car payments.