National Flu Vaccination Awareness Week: Important for Seniors

Last week was “National Influenza Vaccination Awareness Week” and Ecumen thought it was important to remind its readers of the importance of getting vaccinated, especially for seniors.

Last week was “National Influenza Vaccination Awareness Week” and it is important to Ecumen to remind its readers, especially seniors, to make getting vaccinated a priority.

In an article for Kare11, an NBC affiliate, Dr. Marny Benjamin, an emergency medicine physician, said “We're starting to see an uptick in flu cases. As the cold weather comes, everybody goes inside and it tends to be transmitted more and it's the season for influenza.”

When it comes to seniors, the article states that:

“Flu shots are especially important for seniors, who are vulnerable and are at high risk for complications from the respiratory illness. In fact, there is a special vaccine formulated just for seniors. State health experts say vaccinations rates dropped for people 65 and older last flu season.”

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