Throughout August, Ecumen is celebrating its 10th Best Place to Work honor from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal by recognizing employees who live our values every day.

Billy Flanagan has been a team member at Seasons at Maplewood for over 5 years. He is a shining example of an employee who lives Ecumen’s values, especially Innovation and Empowerment.

Billy is responsible for maintaining one of our largest housing communities and takes great pride in the appearance of the property – inside and outside. The grounds are always well kept and maintained, and the interior is under constant “eyeballing” by Billy for repairs and routine maintenance.

Billy is an innovator. He developed his own bar code supply reordering system that has saved him and his staff countless hours by reducing the time spent looking for and ordering parts. He has identified prime vendors who not only provide us with a good price but also meet our delivery needs and adhere to our quality standards. Plus, Billy has trained his staff to utilize the product ordering system as well.

Billy has been identified as a “super user” of our work order entry system (Tels), allowing him and his staff to organize their days, identify equipment that has had many repair orders, and recommend equipment for replacement. He is very LEAN in his thinking and work process implementation.

Billy empowers his staff. He knows their skill and expertise and allows them latitude and judgment to fix things on the spot.

Billy has demonstrated his ability to think outside the box on operational issues and makes recommendations on how to improve Seasons at Maplewood,  including developing his own orientation training for his staff and sharing that with the site leadership team.  He shows utmost respect for the ladies and gentlemen we care for and the ladies and gentlemen we work with.

Thank you, Billy, for your always conscientious approach to your work and the people you serve. Ecumen honors you!

–Craig Barness, Regional Director of Operations

Ecumen’s core values guide our company and our employees:

SERVE: We put people at the heart of what we do.

INNOVATE: We find new ways to exceed people’s expectations.

EMPOWER: We encourage people to dream and take action.

HONOR: We treat people with dignity and respect.