Join Ecumen for Twin Cities Memory Walk on September 23

A wonderful day will be when we can close our Alzheimer’s housing.  That will mean a cure is here.  Until that day we will empower and serve with honor those living with the challenges of this disease.

We invite you to join our Twin Cities team at the Alzheimer’s Association memory walk on Saturday, September 26.  If you can’t join us, but would like to contribute to Alzheimer’s research, please donate here.

Above are Ecumen Duluth team walkers Gina Palmi, Torie Mlodozyniec, Sarah Mlodozyniec and Allison Malec.  Torie and Sarah are daughters of Ecumen colleague Jayne Malec, while Allison is their cousin.  They joined Jayne and friend Gina in walking in honor of Jayne’s mother, an Ecumen customer. 

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday or donate to help find the cure.

Thanks to Joyce Aakre, Sue Ferguson Julie Walton, Miriam Aaland, Dani Nicholson, Janis Rivers Jen Rasmussen, Andrea Nye and Nicole Behm-Koep for organizing the Ecumen team.