Hazel McCallion has been mayor of Mississauga Ontario, population 668,000, since 1978. When she was re-elected in 2006 for her 11th consecutive term, it was with 98% voter approval. She is affectionately known as "Hurricane Hazel" by the media and supporters alike for her fresh, outspoken style and no-nonsense approach to politics. Her method is grounded in the belief that a city ought to be run like a business. Thanks to this business model approach, Mississauga is one of the few debt-free cities in Canada. Hazel sees her Christian faith as a guide to her concern for the public good, as well as the source for her physical energy. She likes to be independent and take care of her household herself:  "I do my own cleaning, grocery shopping, gardening…the assumption is that people in my position have others doing all these things for them but I like to be self sufficient. Housework and gardening are great forms of exercise and keep one humble."

Enjoy this YouTube of her Honor, Mayor McCallion – she evens plays hockey!  

~Helen Rickman