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How is State Budget Money Being Spent? Look at Long-Term Care Says Pioneer Press
Date: Dec 12th, 2008 5:14am


Eric Schubert

The editorial folks over at the St. Paul Pioneer Press wanted to see where the rising dollars of government health care are being spent in Minnesota, so they went and talked with folks at the Departments of Human Services and Management & Budget. (Governor Tim Pawlenty cited a 21 percent increase in state spending on health care as a major driver in Minnesota’s $5.28 billion budget deficit.)Among many things they learned, here are two interesting points:- It’s not the cost of insuring state workers that is spiking. It’s the cost of providing health care and related services to poor, seniors and disabled people. These include \direct health care services, such as hospital and physician visits, nursing home services, home care and other medical and long-term care services.'- The bulk of the growth is in the state’s version of the federal Medicaid program, known in Minnesota as Medical Assistance or MA, which pays for most nursing home costs in the state.Think it’s time for long-term care financing reform. Read the full Pioneer Press article here.

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