How to Start Exercising After Age 60

The Cleveland Clinic offers six practical tips to help you start exercising. 

As we age, it becomes even more important to maintain an exercise routine. According to an article from the Cleveland Clinic, “if you’re pushing 60 or you’ve already passed that milestone, it’s time to get serious about making exercise a staple in your daily routine.”

The article offers six practical tips to help you start exercising:

1.    Get the go-ahead. If you haven’t seen a doctor lately, that’s your first stop. He or she will give you a physical exam to assess your present fitness level and make sure you’re healthy enough to start picking up the pace.

2.    Monitor your progress from the start

3.    Now you’re ready, but start slow. All workout should begin with a warm-up and stretching.

4.    Choose the best exercises for you. A balanced exercise routine should include: aerobics, strength exercise, and balance and proprioperception (the ability to sense where your body is in space).

5.    Self-assess to see if you are working out effectively.

6.    Don’t forget about hydration and good fuel. As you commit to exercising regularly, it’s also a good time to reassess your eating habits and remember to drink plenty of water every day.

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