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Honor: Ecumen Resident Kenny Nelson
Date: Nov 18th, 2013 9:59am


Ecumen Communications

One of the great benefits of working at Ecumen is working with people who have done incredible things in their lives.  One such person is Kenny Nelson, an Ecumen Detroit Lakes resident pictured here on Veterans Day last week.   He spent four years in the Marine Corps in World War II.  An infantryman, Kenny served as a member of Carlson’s Raiders 2nd Battalion in the Guadalcanal Campaign.  He survived on the front lines by playing dead as a Japanese solder walked over him. The “Marine Raiders” were elite units established upon order by President Roosevelt to conduct amphibious light infantry warfare, particularly in landing in rubber boats and operating behind the lines.  They were among the first to see combat in World War II.  Thank you, Mr. Nelson!

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