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Hey, Oprah, Stop Pushing Mare's Urine and Get Pro-Aging
Date: Jun 19th, 2009 8:43am


Eric Schubert

Hi Oprah,  drinking mare's urine won't help any of us live longer. Nor will having guests like Suzanne Somers on your show to talk about it's ability to slow aging.

Being the media magnate you are, you have to know that doing things like that only dents your image and broader appeal, and it will only generate more unflattering cover stories like the Newsweek one to the left, especially as we all age.

You had Somers, the former Three's Company roomie, share a stage with you and discuss how she smears progesterone and estrogen cream on her skin; how she daily uses a syringe to inject estrogen into her vagina and a whole host of other zaniness.  None of that is going to restore Suzanne's hormone levels to her 30s or help her live to 110.

And then you said, "She might just be a pioneer."  A pioneer of wackiness, maybe.

Oprah, you pride yourselves on your authenticity . . .Aging is real. We all do it.  And there's a lot of good that comes with it.  Embrace it.  Please . . . get Pro-Age. 

Changing Aging invites you to take a couple of seconds and watch gerontologist and friend of Ecumen Dr. Bill Thomas' Pro-Age plea to you here.  Get him on your show.  If you need others to help you get into the 21st Century on aging, call us.  We'll help you out.  Because the crazy talk you're promoting when it comes to aging isn't helping anyone.

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