The Graying of the Suburbs

If you get a second, listen to the Minnesota Public Radio MidMorning Show entitled: The Graying Suburbs.

The guests are William Frey, demographer at The Brookings Institute, and Joel Kotkin, author of ‘The City: A Global History.’

The show is based on a new study by the Brookings Institution called ‘Mapping the Growth of Older America: Seniors and Boomers in the 21st Century.’

One of the many interesting findings we found in our study of Minnesota Baby Boomers is that most boomers want to live their senior years in suburbia or rural Minnesota. The Brookings Institution study parallels a number of these findings.

It also talks about how boomers want to live in their own homes as they age. That underscores the opportunity for aging services providers to expand outside of their own bricks and mortar.