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Fifty Years of Transformation at Ecumen Detroit Lakes
Date: Jun 12th, 2014 4:37pm


Ecumen Communications

The 50-year history of Ecumen Detroit Lakes is a compelling story of transformation from nursing home to state-of-the-art community health care hub.  Detroit Lakes Online tells the story of how in 1964 a community in dire need of a long-term care center pulled together, going door-to-door to raise the money.  Now, a half century later, Ecumen Detroit Lakes is evolving into a national model for rural healthcare delivery.  On June 20, Detroit Lakes will celebrate this story of civic involvement as it prepares for the next 50 years with the opening of the new Ecumen care center this fall.


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I have seen many of the

I have seen many of the changes having worked here for almost 36 years. I have not quite wrapped my head around the realization of this amazing transformation. Seeing this in writing is almost like this "news" is being revealed for the first time. We really have come along way over the past 50 years. I have so many wonderful memories of my work here. This place has definately been my second home and those I care for and work with are , without a doubt, my second family. It has been an amazing journey.