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Eleanore Ebeling Remembers Calvin Coolidge, Model T Fords and the First Radios
Date: Feb 21st, 2017 9:14am


Ecumen Communications

Over the past 102 years, Eleanore Ebeling, a resident of Ecumen Meadows in Worthington, Minn., has gathered a lot of wonderful memories.  She recently shared her story with Ryan McGaughey, Managing Editor of the Worthington Daily Globe. 

Here’s a sample:

“I remember the first radios,” Eleanore said. “I was going to country school and one of the families in the district had a radio, which was brand new to us. They said we could come over there and listen to the inauguration of (President Calvin) Coolidge. We walked over there to this farm place ... and the radio had open tubes and wasn’t even in an enclosed box. … We went up there to hear this radio with three dials, and there was so much static that we never heard a thing.

Read the complete profile at this link.

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