Do you know elder innovators?

There are a lot of them.   Increasingly I’m seeing "work related" news stories of people working, innovating, growing and contributing in their senior years. For example, here are three older people featured just yesterday in the Twin Cities newspapers Minneapolis Star Tribune and Saint Paul Pioneer Press – doing big time stuff:

John Morrissey, 79, just invented the GameDoctor Video Game Timer  What a timely tool for parents who want to moderate gaming by their children.  You can read his story here.

Warren MacKenzie, 85, legendary potter makes pots 7 days a week.  He calls himself a "mud person."  Read his story and watch video of him here.

Bob Albertson, 72, has built a fully electric Ford Ranger pickup truck.  Yes, a fully electric pickup truck.  Too bad Detroit didn’t know about him earlier.  This was a Sunday "newspaper only" feature that will hit the web later this week at

So many people point to the "drag" of the age wave.   Elder innovation is a whole different side of the coin that’s only increasing and we’re better off because of it.